For Physicians

Attending Physician Responsibilities


· Provide quality, compassionate care in a timely manner
· Precept medical students
· Cosign notes and modify history, physical, assessment and plan as necessary
· Write prescriptions
· Recommend referrals if necessary
· Prescribe labs using SB HOME’ s lab order form if necessary

What to Bring to Clinic Session:
1 .Prescription Pad (NOTE: We have an in-house lab prescription document--please do not use
personal prescription pads to prescribe labs. Personal prescription pads are for medication and
imaging only.)

2 .Stethoscope
3. White coat

Two physicians are booked per clinic session in two time slots: 12:15pm-4pm and 2:15pm-6:00pm. The overlap in time occurs during the busiest time of day.

We use Zwanger Pesiri’s “Give Back Sundays” program to acquire any necessary imaging for patients (

Teaching is highly encouraged, but we also ask that time be managed appropriately so that you are seeing approximately 4 patients per hour. Clinic managers may kindly remind you of this if there is a back-up of patients waiting to be seen.

We have a Social Work student who sees every patient after you have seen them.