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For Preclinical Students

Preclinical Student Responsibilities


Volunteer will adhere to HIPAA regulations in ensuring patient confidentiality
Volunteer will be on-time,  reliable, and willing to execute responsibilities listed below
Volunteer will be an active member in ensuring the efficiency, reputation, and longevity of the clinic



Prior to Clinic Session:

- Sign-Up for clinic date

- Attend any orientation/teaching session before or at clinic session

-  Check patient rooms/waiting areas to ensure cleanliness and availability of equipment (BP cuffs, temperature probes, etc.)

- Bring up patient schedule on computer

- Prepare patient charts and triage forms

- Please dress professionally, wear your white coat, bring your stethoscope and a watch. 

- Coffee and bagels will be provided by us. But please bring your own meal/snacks if you prefer because you will likely get hungry during the day. 

During Clinic Session:

- Greet incoming patients, hand-out and aid patients with triage forms

- Conduct triage encounter (chief complaint, vitals)

- Compile and sign appropriate forms

- Prepare exam room with gown & drape, bring patient back to exam room

- Present patient information to clinical student

- Conduct patient encounter with clinical student and complete certain parts of history/physical

- Present certain parts of patient encounter to attending with clinical student

- Escort patient to social work area after clinical encounter

- Please complete the intake AND equipment forms.

- Please sign the forms where indicated. ***

- Please PRINT your name next to your signature. 

 After Clinic Session:

- Attend “Sign-Out”

- Ensure all patient rooms/waiting areas are clean, computers are signed off, and all clinic documents are appropriately compiled and packed



There is no minimum or maximum required attendance at clinic sessions

Senior staff will do their best to assure that volunteers are assigned fairly so everyone gets  a chance to attend a number of clinic sessions during the year

Volunteers are expected to be at the clinic for the entirety of the session (11am – 6pm), including any orientation/teaching/sign-out events before and after